Midnitestar Productions and the "Annual IH Scout & Light Truck Nationals" were founded in 1990 by a very small group of IH entusiasts including John Glancy and family.  Since its inception, at one time or another Midnitestar Productions has been staffed by the entire Glancy family.

This organization and this event were founded for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting the legacy of International Harvester-built products.    Spotlighted in this wide array of products are, of course, all "Motor Trucks" manufactured by IH, as well as the world's first mass-produced Sport Utility Vehicle, the Scout.




2019 NATS: THE END Roll the Credits:

NATS2019 30th Reunion - Roll the Credits What makes all this possible?:

YOU!! The participant, enthusiast & spectator! Show Sponsors: Super Scout Specialists, Scout/Light Line Distributors, Inc.., Navistar Truck Group, Scout Connection, Scout M.a.d.ness, Southern Scouts, Circle S Welding, Triple Diamond Fourwheelers, IH Parts America & CPT, Anything Scout, Coonrod‘s IH, BinderPlanet.com, RMIHR, BI-State Binders, ScoutCo Products, K-Bar Hitch & Metal, Silverback Custom Works, Roedel Brothers LLC, IHScout.com, Coonrod’s IH, Cornbinder Connection Magazine, Hamilton Fuel Injection, Historic Waco Field, Sierra Fall Rallye, Rough Country, Texas Scouts, Binder Boneyard, Dirty Dale’s Diesel, Vintage Truck Magazine, Gulf Coast Binders, Cruisin’ with Kendra, Honest Speed Shop, Old Iron Offroad, Binder Books, IHScoutfitters.com, BinderTV.com, Vintage Truck Magazine & Dana Spicer!

Show Producer: John Glancy

Show Director: John (JP) Prosser

Web Site: Jeff Bade, John Glancy

Event Planning Committee: John Glancy, Rick & Paulette Riley, Mary Kindberg, Historic Waco Field Staff

Event Flyer/Mailer: John Glancy, Charity Crable Event

Program: John Glancy

Registration/Office: Charity Crable, (JP) John Prosser, John Glancy

Sponsor/Advertiser Director: John Glancy

Door Prizes: Rick Riley, John Glancy

Event Site Coordinator: John Glancy

Parking Leaders and Gate Duty: Jim Brown, Joe & Kevin, Brain Mee

Master of Ceremony Emcee: Rick Riley

ITEC (Navistar) Liaison: Tom

Clark Club Coordinator: ? Raffle Tickets: Pete Duncal,

Raffle Support: Navistar, Crawler Proven Tech., Rough Country, IHPA, BinderTV/IHScoutfitters, sSs, Dana Spicer.

Grab Bags: Charity Crable & family.

Photo Records: Bob West

Tech Seminars: Binder Planet, Joe Torres, Bruce Shealy, Bill Hamilton, Mike Moore, Jeff Jamison, Jim Allen, John Glancy, Eldon Mcfarling

PA System: Waco Historic Field

Parade Planning and Leader: Mary Kindberg

Show Staff & Helpers: (JP)John Prosser, Charity Crable and family, Wes Plantz, Kyle Davis, Cindy Jamison. Plus many surprise folks who jump in and help out unexpectedly.

Judges: Howard Pletcher, Doug Scott, Jeff Jamison, Jason Roedel, Glenn Gayman, Carl Kindberg

Great American IH Truck Buildoff Blue Ribbon Panel: Jim Allen Four Wheeler Magazine, Brian Sell Editor Cornbinder Connection.

Judging Administration: Howard Pletcher, Kyle Davis, Charity Crable, JP Prosser.

Printing: Super Scout Specialists, Inc., Bishko Books, Chris Lindner.

T-shirts & Art: Super Scout Specialists, Inc. Richards & Southern

Awards:Etchies Custom Awards

Additional Labor & Material: Super Scout Specialists, Inc. Scout/Light Line Distributors, Inc.

Supporting Grounds: Historic Waco Field

Local Support: Troy Area Chamber of Commerce

Host Hotel: Hampton Inn/Fairfield Inn

Fire Protection Provided by: Megacity

Special Thanks: Friends of IH BBQ & Auction: Carl & Mary Kindberg, & All your Volunteers, Hampton Inn/Fairfield Inn. Auction Team: Ray Cass, Dennis Petterson, Jeff and Cindy Jamison Special Mention: Rust Lives. Hagerty Insurance, Honda Power Sports of Troy, Zimmer Tractors, Harvester Homecoming for the Best Ft Wayne Built Award.

Mission Statement: This Event was founded in 1990 for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting the legacy of International Harvester Built Products: Including all motor trucks manufactured by IH as well as the worlds first mass-produced sports utility vehicle the “SCOUT”. The show producers will strive to provide an event that is both entertaining and informative.